About GELCLAIR Clinical studies

In several clinical trials Gelclair® showed good results in term of:

  • reduction of pain and improvement of ability to eat and drink
  • reduction of the severity of mucositis
  • impact on quality of life (QoL) and acceptability of the product by patients

Of particular relevance is the study by Flook et al., in which Gelclair® was shown to be better tolerated and at least as effective as benzydamine, a topical FANS widely used for mucositis therapy and recommended by the MASCC/ISOO guidelines for patients undergoing RT.

D'Andrea et al. The D'Andrea study, performed on 53 patients receiving therapy for cancer, showed that Gelclair® is an effective intervention in terms of improvements in pain, functionality, and grade of mucositis.  
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Lindsay G et al. The Linsay et al. study demonstrated a significant efficacy of Gelclair® in reducing pain scores in 33 head and neck cancer patients with oral mucositis receiving radiotherapy.
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De Cordi D et al. The study demonstrated the efficacy of Gelclair® in patients undergoing different chemotherapy treatments. 
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Flook C et al. Gelclair® was shown to be at least as effective as benzydamine (recommended for the treatment of oral mucositis caused by radiotherapy by MASCC guidelines) in managing pain caused by oral mucositis.
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