Mucositis grading scales NCI-CTC

The National Cancer Institute created originally the Common Toxicity Criteria (CTC) to aid in the recognition and grading severity of adverse effects caused by chemotherapy treatments.

NCI-CTCAE Grading Scale* 
Grade Description
Grade 0 (none) None
Grade 1 (mild) Painless ulcers, erythema, or mild soreness in the absence of lesions
Grade 2 (moderate) Painful erythema, oedema, or ulcers but eating or swallowing possible
Grade 3 (severe) Painful erythema, oedema, or ulcers requiring IV hydration
Grade 4 (life-threatening) Severe ulceration or requiring parenteral or enteral nutritional support or prophylactic intubation
Grade 5 (death) Death related to toxicity

* Specific NCI-CTC grading scales related to radiation and bone marrow transplantation have been formulated and are described in Sonis et al. 2004.

NCI-CTC v 2.0, 1999 :
Sonis et al. Cancer 2004; 100(9 Suppl):1995-2025.

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