About Oral Mucositis Delayed Patient Discharge and Economic Burden
  • Patients with Chemotherapy-induced mucositis were hospitalised 3-6 days longer per cycle of therapy1.
  • In high-dose Chemotherapy patients, a 1-point increase in grade of mucositis(based on OMAS scores) was associated with:
    • 1 additional day of fever
    • a 2.1-fold risk of additional infection
    • 2.7 days of additional TPN (total parenteral nutrition)
    • 2.6 days of injectable narcotic therapy
    • 2.6 additional days in hospital2.
  • The extent of the increase in healthcare expense is correlated to the severity of mucositis1.
  • Overall oral mucositis causes an average USD 42,749 per patient increase in the healthcare expenses1.


1. Manzullo et al. ASCO 1998, Abs 1605.
2. Sonis et al. J Clin Oncol 2001; 19(8):2201-5.

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