Clinical studies Flook C et al.
Gelclair® vs. benzydamine in a randomised controlled study in patients with oral mucositis due to radical radiotherapy
  • Gelclair® was shown to be at least as effective as benzydamine (recommended for the treatment of oral mucositis caused by radiotherapy by MASCC guidelines) in managing pain caused by oral mucositis.


Graf Pain.jpg

  • Gelclair® demonstrated significantly lower pain on application, possibly favouring the use of this medical device. 
  • Fewer patients in the Gelclair® group needed opiate medication; 20% with Gelclair® vs. 37.1% with benzydamine. 
  • No patients in the Gelclair® group needed artificial feeding with nasogastric tube; 0% with Gelclair® vs. 12.5% with benzydamine.
  • Gelclair® can be considered a convenient and valid alternative to benzydamine for symptoms control and pain relief in patients undergoing anticancer therapies causing oral mucositis.


Flook C et al, Supportive Care in Cancer 2005; 13(6):443-4 (abs 15-098).


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