Gelclair® allows the patients to improve their Quality of Life


GELCLAIR® is a bioadherent oral gel with a mechanical action which provides pain relief by adhering to the mucosal surface of the mouth, soothing oral lesions of various etiologies such as medication, disease, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, irritation due to oral surgery, ageing and traumatic ulcers caused by braces and ill-fitting dentures. Gelclair is also indicated for diffuse aphthous ulcers.


By creating a protective film that counteract the overstimulation of nerve endings Gelclair®

  • provides fast pain relief1
  • grants relevant pain reduction2
  • reduces oral mucositis worsening3
  • improves the patient's ability to eat, drink, swallow, speak and sleep3,4
  • reduces the need to use parenteral feeding or opiate analgesics, compared to benzydamine which is a recommended therapeutic approach in the MASCC/ISOO guidelines4
  • reduces the total mouth bacterial amount at least in the first 6 hours after application5



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